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What to Look for in a Motorbike Finance Company

What to Look for in a Motorbike Finance Company

If you are planning to purchase a motorbike, but you need help with the financing aspect of the transaction, there is no shortage of companies that will line up to help you. Lending institutions large and small make handsome profits on the interest that is accrued from motorcycle loans, so it’s no surprise that they […]

Everything You Need to Know about Motorcycle Crash Repairs

Everything You Need to Know about Motorcycle Crash Repairs

You invest a lot into your bike – a lot of money, a lot of time, and a lot of passion. So, when a crash happens and your bike is damaged as a result, the recovery and repair process can be difficult. At Raceway Motorcycles, we know how to diagnose, repair, and test damaged motorcycles […]

What Are the Savings Associated with Riding a Motorcycle?

What Are the Best Cost Savings of Riding a Motorcycle?

When the modern motorcycle was invented in 1885, no one could have predicted that such a simple thing as two wheels and an engine would become such a globally embraced phenomenon. Motorcycles have become an indispensable means of transportation as well as being a recreational escape, and one of the best reasons to own one […]

Why Isn’t Diesel Used in Motorbikes?

Why Isn’t Diesel Used in Motorbikes? At RaceWay Motorcycles, we’ve seen a lot of different kinds of motorcycles over the years. From touring bikes to heavy cruisers and from tricked out trikes to incredibly fast superbikes, we’ve been able to service and sell virtually every kind of motorbike in existence. However, there is one kind […]

What Makes a Perfect Exhaust?

If you’ve been toying with the idea of adding an aftermarket exhaust to your motorcycle, you might have found yourself wondering what kind of return you can expect to get from your investment. What is a new exhaust going to do for you that your current, stock exhaust isn’t doing well enough? There are actually […]

Perfectly Finished: The Suzuki GSR750

Perfectly finished: The Suzuki GSR750

On first sight, the Suzuki GSR 750 looks the part. The styling is all about lines that sweep down to the front wheel, minimalistic and functional. This is a machine that manages to show some serious intent before we’ve even got the keys into the ignition! The GSR’s origins are in the K5 Gixxer 750. […]

The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride 2018

The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride 2018

The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride and the importance of looking out for each other As we mentioned in a previous post looking at the iconic Royal Enfield Bullet 500, the Distinguished Gentlemen’s Ride is taking place this weekend. The DGR originated here in Australia where the hipster contingent gathered up their café racers and waxed their beards before riding out […]

The Basics of Off Road Rubber Tyres and the Maintenance

The Basics of Off Road Rubber Tyres and The Maintenance Tips You Need to Know Whether you are riding on road or off road tyres, the main thing you want to do remains the same: you want to stay on your bike, and preferably in an upright position. This basic principle applies to the tyres […]

Beginner’s Guide to Prepping and Rescuing From ‘Puncture Struck’ in the Bush

The Beginner’s Guide to Preparation For and Rescuing Yourself From The Bush when ‘Puncture Struck’ A Failure To Plan Is A Plan To Fail Motorcycles are an incredible tool for exploration. Their light weight and single track makes them much easier to get through the more awkward parts of a ride – try getting a land cruiser […]

Filthy Dirty and Covered in Mud – The Off Road Experience

Filthy dirty and covered in mud – The off road experience

Here in Victoria we’re in the privileged position of having the option to legally ride on our national park’s trails. Trail riding continues to get bigger every year thanks, in no small part, to its accessibility to most riders and the unique challenges that it presents to us. To many, put simply, it’s much more […]