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What Makes a Perfect Exhaust?

If you’ve been toying with the idea of adding an aftermarket exhaust to your motorcycle, you might have found yourself wondering what kind of return you can expect to get from your investment. What is a new exhaust going to do for you that your current, stock exhaust isn’t doing well enough? There are actually […]

Filthy Dirty and Covered in Mud – The Off Road Experience

Filthy dirty and covered in mud – The off road experience

Here in Victoria we’re in the privileged position of having the option to legally ride on our national park’s trails. Trail riding continues to get bigger every year thanks, in no small part, to its accessibility to most riders and the unique challenges that it presents to us. To many, put simply, it’s much more […]

No Pressure – The Importance of Correct Tyre Pressure

No Pressure – The importance of correct tyre pressure

The must-read advice you need to take two minutes to know before setting out on the road While there isn’t a single safety-critical component on a modern motorcycle we feel we couldn’t do without, tyres are always the first ones to come to mind. The choice of brands is as big as it’s always been, with the range […]