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Benelli Biciclette

“BENELLI BICICLETTE” is the new challenge proposed by Benelli. The Italian company known throughout the world for its excellent production of motorcycles & scooters.

The bicycle is the symbol of a society increasingly aware of the environment, where the final users tackle personally the ecological issues giving priority to a “green” planet. The bicycle is becoming the synthesis of this way of being, combining both sustainable mobility and practicality.

Besides being ecological, the bicycle remains one of the favourite way of moving in the city, allowing to skip the traffic with absolute ease. Even out-of-town, electric bicycles provide uncountable benefits: thanks to power-assisted bikes every rider can cover long distances leaving the car at home. A real achievement in terms of cost and fuel consumption.


Elegance on two wheels

It is the first e-bike of Benelli, the pedelec with a city character conceived to move easily in the urban traffic defeating for all the city stress, that now arrive on the market with new design: Classica Lx

Conceived for the urban streets, Classica Lx has a top speed of 25 km/h. This Benelli e-bike with frame in aluminium alloy is presented in two versions, with 26” and 28” wheels, and ensures reliability and comfort under any conditions.

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Rapida S

Absolute performance

Rapida is the bike created by Benelli to satisfy your desire to enjoy and the spirit of adventure. A dynamic and exclusive model, born to satisfy the passions of the most demanding customers, who wants to make them bike the preferred vehicle.

Rapida has a motor of 250W power mounted on the rear hub. A e-bike dedicated to pure enjoyment and to passion for two wheels. This Benelli Pedelec mounts 28″ wheels for maximum stability both on-road and off-road. Rapida has an fork able to adapt to any condition of the road surface and offers a Shimano ® Deore 10-speed derailleur.

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The future is in your hands

Absolute enjoyment on off-road with maximum stability and safety. Alpan is the 27,5” wheels mtb of Benelli without compromises. The bike of the future, able to meet the tastes of many fans of hardtrail, because it’s very easy to drive and to control also on the roughness of the road surface.

This e-bike is in fact capable of combining agility and rapidity when you changing direction, but at the same time you can count on a greater control when cornering grip compared to a 26″ wheels. Alpan mounts a Suntour XCR- 27.5 fork adjustable.  Pass level offered are five, to satisfy every type of rider which can approach to this Benelli Pedelec. Alpan is equipped with Shimano DEORE ® 3×10 speed derailleur.

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Flexible and compact

FoldCity is the solution proposed by Benelli Biciclette to have your favorite two-wheeled always with you. The flexible Pedelec, compact and small, it can be inserted with ease both in the trunk of your car, aboard of a subway or train, with totally cost free.

This Benelli e-bikes has an extremely low weight of only 22 kg and a small size, thanks to 20″ wheels able to ensure stability and safety, even in the toughest conditions.

FoldCity offers four levels of pedal assistance for each type of route, in urban or suburban street, for a maximum speed of 25km/h and range of 50km.

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