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The Cafe Racer: Royal Enfield Continental GT

Cafe Culture

Rockers. They rode their café racers and hung out in transport “caffs”. Going on a burn-up meant riding over to the next café and back before a song finished playing on a jukebox. Getting to a 100 miles per hour during said journey was “doin’ a ton”. That said, there was a lot more to them and their way of life than just their stripped-down, souped-up motorcycles.

The Story

A closer look into the legend behind the lightest, fastest, most powerful Royal Enfield in production – the Rocker culture that inspired it, the collaborators who finessed it, its combination of retro styling and ahead-of-the-curve engineering and why it is lauded by those who know their café racers. Explore the milestones in its timeline as it evolved to emerge as our finest expression yet of pure motorcycling.

The Bike

The Royal Enfield Continental GT is the lightest, fastest, most powerful Royal Enfield in production. A machine with a story, a nod to motorcycling’s finest hour; a painstaking collaboration. It is also the best expression yet of a cultural phenomenon that has simply refused to fade away – the café racer.



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